Southeast Football Daily Tracking Poll: 6/5/2012

Arcadia's Jake Medel came onto the scene in 2011

Crescenta Valley people are going away and we’re learning more about La Mirad everyday. The Ranch is starting to move.

It is up to you where your team goes from here. Leave a comment, send a tweet, message on FB, or drop a line through email. The more we learn about your team, the more they move up.

(numbers after school represent accumulated points.) 

1.) (6/4:#2) West Covina Bulldogs (151): These guys should be 3-0 going into Hacienda League action…Trenchman Bryson Finley is built like a left tackle/sports writer.

2.) (6/4:#1) Crescenta Valley Falcons (146): Falcons should be 3-0 by the time they get to Muir…And if they’re not?

3.) (6/4:#3) La Mirada Matadores (124): Right tackle Chris Cisneros one of the reasons LM is optimistic. Saw the film on Luatua: It should be NC:17 for freshman football players to watch.

4.) (6/4:#5) Bonita Bearcats (76): If Reggie Turner goes off, Bearcats go deep into the playoffs. If running game goes south, Bearcats will be home all day on Thanksgiving.

5.) (6/4:#4.) Dominguez Dons (63): Quiet day for the Dons, down a spot. Still doesn’t change the fact that they need a signature win this fall.

6.) (6/4:#6.) La Serna Lancers (55):  Lancers open with three on the road, including a trip to Westlake.

7.) (6/4:#7) Arcadia Apaches (54): We love Zan Williams…If he plays at a high level then the Apaches could be the seventh best team in the Southeast.

8.) (6/4:#8) Mayfair Monsoons (47): Not saying this team will beat La Mirada, but it shouldn’t lose to them by four touchdownd plus (44-14) again this season.

9.) (6/4:#9) Muir Mustangs (46): This is the joker in the deck. They can either be very good…or very much something else.

10.) (6/4:#10) Santa Fe Chiefs (31): There’s more beef on that Santa Fe offensive line than a Texas cattle ranch. And its good beef, not two pounds of bolognia in a one pound bag.

11.) (6/4:#11) Norwalk Lancers (30): It’s time. The Lancers need to knock off a Mayfair or La Mirada…Don’t want the close/no cigar/Fresno State rap.

12.) (6/4:#14) Pasadena Bulldogs (28): We love the name Wardell Berry. Randy Horton will love it if his team reaches Pacific play healthy and intact.

13.) (6/4:#15) Los Altos Conquerors (28): This team started off 4-0 in 2011 and then lost its Hacienda opener to Walnut.

14.) (6/4:#12) Gahr Gladiators (26): I still just can’t get past the name. Gahhhrrrr!

15.) (6/4:#19) El Rancho Dons (26): Something about the Dons blue & white that makes you optimistic. That and the return of Joe Sanchez at quarterback.

16.) (6/4:#16) Bellflower Buccaneers (25): Got a name thrown at us about the Bucs: Andrew Gose. Somebody want to clue us in? Told he could be special.

17.) (6/4:#17) Diamond Bar Brahmas (24): Not the 17th best team in the Southeast…They will climb and you’ll all be saying; “Oh, I’ve always been a DB fan!”

18.) (6/4:#13) Burroughs Indians (23): Down five spots…Knoop has them right where he wants them.

19.) (6/4:#18) Paramount Pirates (20): September 7th at Bellflower…Could tell us all we need to know.

20.) (6/4:#21) California Condors (20): Drew Castro will have a big year at quarterback. Check it out…Cal is up a spot.

21.) (6/4:#20) Diamond Ranch Panthers (19): August 31st. at El Rancho should really be interesting.

22.) (6/4:#22) Downey Vikings (14): Graduation takes a toll, but linebacker Robert Salazar is back with his 10,000 tackles.

23.) (6/4:#23) Burbank Bulldogs (14): We don’t like the non-league schedule. Sorry not a fan…But we do like Gary Clements, keep an eye on Gary Clements.

24.) (6/4:#24) Glendale Nitros (14): Tuttle is going to need two years…2012 is a freebie…They’ll take La Salle and La Canada, but South Pasadena is something different.

25.) (6/4:#25) Whittier Cardinals (9): Visko Ancich, sounds like he’s a sergeant in the Red Army…but no, he’s actually the HC.

Others: Walnut (6), Lynwood (3), Warren (6), Pioneer (5), Hoover (6), Glenn, Artesia (4), Cerritos (6), Rowland (5).

The official Mid Valley Sports Top 25s will come out August 1st.


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