The Peterson Principle 2/18/13

Tim Peterson

It’s a year round celebration for Monrovia. First there was the third consecutive Mid-Valley Divison title. Then it was on to the State tournament. Now the Wildcats have had five players receive scholarships to play college football.

Anthony Craft was the latest to sign as he confirmed Saturday that he will be playing at Arkansas Pine Bluff. Craft joins Brett Walsh, George Frazier, Mason Bryant and Isaac Miravet in the scholarship club. There could be more to come.

Think about this. Remember when Monrovia was a school that hadn’t won a championship? Now the last time Monrovia hasn’t won a championship was 2009. That was the year the Cats lost the title game to San Dimas on a rain soaked Citrus College Field.

How will the Cats fare next year? It’s too early to tell but Deshawn Potts at quarterback, Darione Jones at running back, Josh Cano and Erik Brooks on the offensive line is a good nucleus to build around.

Who else should we look out for in 2013? Through the SGV grapevine I’m hearing Rosemead.

It’s sometimes hard for me to understand why head coaches leave one job for another but in the case of Brandon Rohrer it makes sense. As competetive as La Puente is there is always going to be a different type of athlete at Etiwanda. And I’m sure there was a teaching position and a nice bump in pay that came with the package. As in different type of athlete I mean D-1 athletes.

“Are you kidding me? I’d kill to have a chance to coach the kids thay have there,” once local coach told me last week.

Also if Rohrer has aspirations for coaching at an even higher level a successful run at Etiwanda would greatly enhance his resume. Rohrer is a good coach and always an insightful interview. Hope to catch up with him again in the future.

So who takes over at LP? Well Rohrer would know best. He is the AD and wll be making that decision soon. Stay tuned.

January, February and March can be the most interesting part of the off season-watching the coaching carrousel go round and round. We’re still waiting to see where qualified coaches like Jude Oliva, Matt Lopez and David Ramos land. This is just a thought but is there any chance that Eric Escamilla is ready to jump back in the mix?

Anything at Gladstone?


I’m sure there is a place on an NFL roster for Dwight Freeney. Freeney’s sack totals have declined for the Colts in the last three years but he is only 33 and will be a great part time player for somebody. I can already see him in a New England Patriot uniform.

As for Charles Woodson? Not so much. He is coming off a season in which he missed nine games due to a broken collarbone and was moved from cornerback to safety because of diminishing cover skills. Plus, Woodson has been in the league for 15 years and will turn 37 in October.

Is there anybody that thinks the Ravens will repeat?


Arroyo, Temple City, Workman and Covina, all undefeated in their respective leagues, were all eliminated from the CIF playoffs this week. Okay, that happens sometimes. Good teams go down. The tragic part of the whole thing is the opponents that they lost to.

Why is Arroyo playing Servite? Temple City? The Rams had to travel to Lake Elsinore to get beat. Workman drove to San Juan Capristrano and Covina made that beautiful drive out to Hemet. Here’s a thought. How about playoff matchups featuring Arroyo at Temple City and Covina at Workman? You get all of the local flavor and it’s a just a short little ride for bus drivers. Nah, it makes too much sense.

That’s my principle.

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