Andy’s Anecdotes: November 21, 2014

Andy Villanueva

Andy Villanueva

By Andy Villanueva

It has been chilly at my home lately. No, it is not because of I forgot to pay the heating bill. Just a fair warning for those playing fantasy football with the wife or significant other. Don’t!

In all honesty, I actually feel bad beating my wife this week in fantasy football. There is no logic to this and second guessing during the entire week leading up was probably her undoing.

She is also a Texas A&M fan, so it was a double loss for her this weekend.

Is there anything more frustrating then watching a team or player just play out the season instead of giving it all they have?

Only reason I ask is because whether it is high school, college or football there are many players that know they have either a scholarship, first-round draft status or big contract the next year and shut it off. Not saying this happens all the time, but sometimes I watch certain players and it is evident they just to want to risk getting injured. Totally frustrating when it comes to playoff time when their leadership and athleticism is needed.

I can’t remember a week where so many teams in our coverage area upset higher-seeds. March Madness came around last week with so many eye-opening wins.

Although Bonita did upset Kaiser, many had said that the Cats were down this season and might be in trouble come playoff time. That was evident when the Bearcats put up 45 points. Of course, Kaiser didn’t have that “big-play” that could turn the momentum toward their side.

Los Altos have managed to upset some teams during the season with Charter Oak coming to mind and nearly upsetting Monrovia earlier in the year. Again, South Hills didn’t have that big-strike offense that could make a comeback if they fell behind by two scores.

That was only in the Central Division.

The Southeast was thrown into chaos with so many top seeds falling by the wayside.

Norwalk wasn’t the NorRock we had seen in previous years and injuries hurt them in the postseason. Nothing should be taken away from Paramount’s win as the SGVL still has their #1 seed still in playoffs.

Did anyone really doubt that La Serna wouldn’t get going come playoff time? Just throwing out that question.

Burbank was left for dead midway through the season after injuries decimated their chance of winning the Pacific League. But the Bulldogs are “getting right” in the perfect time. Did anyone really see a semifinals possibility when they drew against El Rancho and possibly La Mirada?

Speaking of La Mirada…Another disappointing season befalls them. Nothing taken away from Salesian but they do have some athletes and speed which probably did the Matadores in.

The Mid Valley and Northwest Division really played to form.

I don’t feel as though Arrowhead Christian’s win over Cantwell was an upset. The Cardinals played in a very water downed league that saw its other entrant get blown out by 51.

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