The Peterson Principle: 12/29/14

Tim Peterson

Tim Peterson

A nine win season, a Holiday Bowl victory, and wins over Notre Dame and Nebraska to finish it off make it a successful campaign for first year head coach Steve Sarkisian and the USC Trojans.

Although the defense at times looked like the Monte Kiffin led version of a couple of years ago, the offense was proficient, even electric on occasion in the 45-42 win over Nebraska. Nelson Agholor and possibly Javorius “Buck” Allen are gone, but Cody Kessler will be back in 2015 along with several other key players in the Trojan arsenal. And Sarkisian is right when he says the future is “ridiculously bright.” However I do have some advise for Sark for next year. Get the ball to Adoree Jackson. Line him up at wide receiver, in the slot or in the backfield. Heck even let him run the “Wildcat” on occasion. Just get him the ball as many times as possible.

This guy is six points waiting to happen. Saturday night he returned a kick off 98 yards for a touchdown and later turned a Kessler pass over the middle into a 71-yard score. He’s lightning quick and if he beats his first man it’s over. Against Nebraska the freshman had three catches for 73 yards, and that’s the problem. Three catches? Give him eight or nine and he’s well over 200 yards with a couple more scores. Get him some carries on reverses or sweeps and he might bust a few more. This kid is special Sark. Time to unleash him on the PAC 12. Oh and he’s pretty good at cornerback too.

I saw Lee “Hacksaw” Hamilton at the Holiday Bowl and I started thinking. With the state of sports talk radio today how could there not be a place for Hacksaw? Hacksaw didn’t talk movies or celebrities or best TV shows. He talked sports. And isn’t that why we tune into sports talk radio? Hamilton is the only guy I ever heard that could talk about NASCAR for one segment, followed by football in the next and then completely dissect the state of boxing in the next. And in every subject the guy was right on the money. He was always prepared and knew his business. How much longer do we have to endure sports talk radio hosts babble on about “The Bachelor?”

I know everybody loves the Cowboys now. They’ve won 12 games and are heading into the playoffs on a four game winning streak. But would it really be a shock if they lost to Detroit next week?

Sorry. I’m just not ready to ride the Tony Romo train yet.

No the Lakers aren’t better without Kobe.

Is Temple City now a basketball school?

That’s my principle.

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