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Chalk Talk: “Calling the Play in the No-Huddle”

Boomer Esiason was an NFL quarterback for 14 seasons with Bengals, Jets, and Cardinals. The following is from the book: “Blood, Sweat and Chalk” by Tim Layden (Sports Illustrated Books, 2010). Esiason breaks down all that goes into calling a play in a ‘No-Huddle’ offense. As soon as the previous play ended, Sam (Wyche) would […]

Chalk Talk: “Going Double-Tights and Running it Down Their Throat!”

(We’ve asked Matt Koffler to define what it means to go ‘Double-Tights’) By Rosemead HC Matt Koffler

Chalk Talk: “Cover 2”

By Whittier Christian DC Pete Karavedas

Chalk Talk: Skinny-Post versus Traditional-Post Route

By Montebello QB Coach Michael McKay

Mid Valley News/Sports 101 Primer

Since our hit totals have tripled from a year ago, it’s been suggested we bring people up to date on some of the stuff we do. Why certain things have nicknames, what certain phrases mean, plus the games and players we reference. Origins.┬áThe fear is, of course, sounding like you are full of yourself…but we […]