The Peterson Principle 7/2/12

Bell Gardens HC David Ramos addresses his troops at the Buccaneer Classic. Ramos is entering his 13th year as the BG Head Coach

Wow! Alert the media. Sound the alarm! The Dodgers just scored a run…

You knew the Dodgers offense would struggle without Matt Kemp in the lineup but did anybody predict this bad? This is a slump of epic proportions.

I had to go see how bad it was first hand and did so Friday night. And, yes it was bad. The Dodgers couldn’t hit or pitch in a 9-0 loss to the Mets. I don’t know what was worse, the Dodger bats or the drunk guy sitting a few rows in front of me who kept standing (staggering) up and insisting that he loved all of the Dodger fans.

After being blanked again Saturday the Dodgers have been shutout in five of their last six games. They also hadn’t had a lead in a game in their previous 61 innings. Andre Ethier is still on the shelf and Kemp doesn’t come back until mid July.

While the Dodgers are setting records for scoreless innings, James Loney might set one for hitless at bats. As of the fifth inning of Sunday night’s game he has gone zero for his last 27. He has two home runs on the year (two!) and he’s batting.236.

He’s been the Dodgers full time first baseman since 2007 and has never hit more than 15 home runs and that was in his first year. Since then he has gone 13, 13, 10 and 12 before the 2 so far this year. If chicks do indeed dig the long ball, then this guy might have some trouble getting dates.

How long do the Dodgers stick with this guy? Even Greg Brock looks pretty good right now. Houston’s Carlos Lee might have been a short term answer but the Dodgers called off that potential deal Sunday when Lee was indecisive.

With the trade deadline approaching  it will be interesting to see if the new Dodger ownership group will allow Ned Colletti to go out and get a bat no matter what the cost.


I’m looking forward to seeing Lamar Odom back in a Clipper uniform. I never figured out why the Lakers gave him to Dallas in the first place. So he said he wanted to be traded. A lot of guys do. You just say no, get him back into camp and go about your business.

Odom isn’t the first guy in history who said he wanted to be traded. Given Odom’s history, Mitch Kupchak couldn’t figure out that Odom was speaking out after an emotionally draining off season in which he had a death in the family? Why not pull him in and talk to him instead of shipping him out of town? And what did the Lakers get for Odom? Oh that’s right…nothing!


I don’t get down the 605 too often to cover our high school football teams but I did Saturday for the Buccaneer Classic at Bellflower High. 16 teams participated overall with our focus being on coverage area teams, Bellflower, Bell Gardens, Alhambra and Torrance.

Did you know that Bell Gardens Coach David Ramos is entering his 13th year at the helm of the Lancers? He had some interesting stories about past playoff games against Walnut in 2001 (loss) and Arroyo in 2002 (win.)

As for this year’s team Tristian Escobar can throw it but when it push comes to shove BG will do what it always does- pound the football. Jorge Remigio who rushed for 846 yards and 12 touchdowns last year is going to be the guy.

With quarterback Swain Williams, running back Ryan Hunley and receiver/DB Andrew Gose all returning Bellflower is going to be tough to beat in the Suburban. The Bucs tied for first last year with La Mirada and Mayfair and Coach Derrick Brown feels his team will be better.

As for Alhambra? If any part of HC Joe Kanach’s enthusiasm carries over to the team’s performance on the field the Moors will be fine. Kanach could sell the Dodgers as the ’27 Yankees.

That’s my principle.

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