Fanview: June 10, 2014

Look! Jorge Reyna is playing at PHS.

Look! Jorge Reyna is playing at PHS.

“I want to register a complaint…You know who I caught sneaking into my stateroom at three in the morning? Nobody and that’s my complaint.”—Groucho

Kick it!

Funny, even a blowout in Game Three of the Stanley Cup Finals is better than an 98-96 game in the NBA Finals…Pro basketball is just too painful to watch. Although, I do think if the Spurs can get the ball consistently to Larry Kennon they should be fine.

Incredibly sad afternoon as we learned about the passing of former Dodgers/A’s pitcher Bob Welch and former Rosemead linebacker Edward McMillan. (See McMillan item on the Mid Valley Sports home page)

My memories of McMillan are of a guy who was loud and had a lot of fun playing football. Hearing of his passing really knocked this Tuesday down a notch. I understand people pass all of the time, but when you see a kid you knew, you saw play as a teen, so strong, pass away so young…It’s tough.

In regards to Welch…dude struck out Reggie Jackson in Game two of the 1978 World Series! (Jackson would settle accounts in Game Six) Great moment. He was a Dodger I grew up watching…I remember Vin Scully sharing that Tommy Lasorda said no pitcher, he ever saw, lost his ‘stuff’ faster than Welch during a game.

Kevin Mills (kneeling) will be building Bosco Tech from the ground up.

Kevin Mills (kneeling) will be building Bosco Tech from the ground up.

Maybe everyone else knew, but I didn’t, that former Blair and Pasadena HC Kevin Mills was the new guy at Bosco Tech. Probably because he didn’t stay at Blair very long, but everyone forgets the Vikings went 5-5 in 2004 under Mills. That is a heck of a job, and it is going to take a heck of a job to resurrect BT football. If he can do it, WOW!

Speaking of Pasadena, I saw the Bulldogs throw last week and, surprise, Jorge Reyna was their quarterback. According to all of the comments left on our message board, some that get through (and a lot that didn’t), Reyna is going everywhere from Downey to Dogtown to starting for USC next fall.

Reyna is at PHS, he looks as big and strong as ever, and he has some nice talent on the edges in receivers Elijah Trejo and Tyrek Adams.

“We’re going to be right there,” Reyna said when asked about the talented teams in the Pacific League.

Cantwell is getting ready to rev up its passing league season tomorrow afternoon as Garfield, St. Bernard, and Keppel come to visit. Next Wednesday Los Altos and Lynwood come to toss the ball around.

Speaking of the Hacienda League, no one is giving any attention to Walnut. For good reason, the Mustangs have struggled in recent years and I know I wrote that they should have got out of Dodge along with Rowland. But…Walnut has a junior quarterback named Micah Maes you definitely should keep an eye on. He runs, he throws, and, yes, he’s going to need a lot more help…but he’s a good quarterback. Too bad he’s buried in the Hacienda League and Central Division.

Bellflower’s “3 Stripes Classic Passing Tournament” is on Saturday, June 21st. MVS coverage teams competing will be Santa Fe, Village Christian, Paramount, Keppel, and the Buccaneers. Also participating in the 24 team field will be: Long beach Poly, Canyon Springs, El Segundo, and Torrance.

Looking for a game breaker in Terry/Eric Metcalf mold? Then go to APU and check Tarik Myles. Myles is so fast he can beat the entire MVS staff to and through the buffet line…and we are quick when grub is on the line.

In regards to Derek Fisher: Twenty-five million for five years with no coaching experience, man…I want to work for the New York Knicks.
In regards to the “Madden Curse”: ”I don’t think about anything like that. It’s just something that’s been fabricated, I think.”—New Madden cover guy Richard Sherman.
In regards to Canada: No Canadian team has won the Stanley Cup since 1993…That’s like saying; “The IRS forgot about me for the last 21 years.”
In regards to former Arroyo quarterback Brian Partida: Today he is 24, happy birthday.
In regards to “Hard Knocks”: I suggest they spend the summer following Andy VillaTheDevil’s fantasy baseball team.

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