Fanview: September 2, 2014

Joe T.

Joe T.

“When nothing is owed or deserved or expected
And your life doesn’t change by the man that’s elected
If you’re loved by someone, you’re never rejected
Decide what to be and go be it”
—Avett Brothers

Kick it!

Could Randy Amezcua be the best Arroyo running back of the 21st. century? Think about who has come before him: Anthony Olivas, Raul Ramirez, Ricky Amaya, Mikey Vasquez…Fair argument?

The biggest non-league game this week might be Mission Prep traveling all the way from San Luis Obispo to play Rio Hondo Prep. It’s early, but the fate of the Northwest could be in the balance.

What a great debut for Christian Lara and the La Mirada Matadores. Some might say Tesoro is down, or up, or in between, bottom line is it was Tesoro. I’ve seen those guys up close, this was a big win.

While the Salesian-Muir game was…well…not pretty…Salesian (remember both schools are nicknamed “Mustangs”) running back Felipe Meza has to feel good about running through so much beef up front. They got a lot.

Muir update: Chase Keough suffered a sprained knee against Salesian. Both Keough and Taeon Mason are rehabbing but it is unclear as to whether they will be available this week against Cathedral.

I’m not saying South El Monte losing to Pasadena surprised me, but I am saying losing 50-7 at home shocked the shazbat out of me.

Remember the last time Monrovia played Bonita? You don’t? It’s okay, no one else does either. My Monrovia records are complete for the last 56 years…So the last time they met (and as the two of the oldest schools around they surely have, right?) was some time prior to 1958.

So this playoff preview between Central Division hopefuls should be interesting. Kind of expect Kameron Johnson to touch the ball more (only six against San Dimas)…Then again the constant refrain in 2013 was about Kurt Scoby getting more touches wasn’t it?

Burbank update: Word on quarterback Ryan Meredith’s ankle is the swelling is down and he has full range of motion with some pain. Belief is he is going to be okay.

San Marino update: We have nothing on Tyler Spitzer who left the Arroyo game early with an apparent knee injury.

So we’re sitting in the office over the summer and I bring up the name Roy Barrajas to the staff and they all give me the roll of the eyes…Its Joe T.’ homing for the alma mater again…Friday night happens, and even though El Monte loses, Peterson comes back and is talking about how great Barrajas is.

Okay, so I missed on Bassett-Maranatha, Duarte-Valley Christian, and Calvary Murrietta-Western Christian…Hey! This job is not that BLANKING easy!

Apparently I was very popular at Maranatha last week with my choice of the Olympians over the Minutemen.

Note to Steve Bogan, Eddie Arnett, & Brian DeHaan: When I provide bulletin board material…I expect compensation. Perhaps some gear, a free pre-game meal maybe, exceptional parking…?

Last Add Bassett: Ignore them at your own risk.

I don’t get to make the pick but I like Rosemead over Diamond Ranch.

After seeing Sierra Canyon, I can tell you they have more than Isaiah Renfro. Starting with quarterback Niko Harris.

Former Charter Oak (San Jose State) linebacker Keith Smith, now a safety, was cut by the Dallas Cowboys but signed to their practice squad over the weekend.

Former Duarte (UCLA) lineman Mike Harris was released by the San Diego Chargers but signed by the Minnesota Vikings.

Former Burroughs (Arizona) offensive lineman Eben Britton, a second round draft pick of the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2009, was released by the Chicago Bears. Britton played thirteen games for the Bears in 2013.

Best comment from over the weekend: “@Duane B. Looking at some these picks ur opinion dnt count for much…”—“Anonymous” —As much as I hate to say it Barker nailed the Bassett-Maranatha score to the point and was pretty much spot on with several other picks, including N-view-Mead, as well.


In regards to Andrew Elffers: The former Maranatha quarterback is currently listed number two on the APU depth chart for Thursday’s opener against Grand Valley. The player to keep an eye on for the Cougars is DE/OLB Matthew Hackett.
In regards to Los Altos 12-6 win over Santa Monica: “It was a really physical game, our defense and offense fought tough all game to secure a win.”—Los Altos “Bad Dude” David Jimenez
In regards to Nipomo: Quarterback Matt Albright…
In regards to Eric Gagne: What is he up to these days?
In regards to Paraclete: Glad you are enjoying Sharkey’s in Burbank. How about a gift card, with my name on it, as a finder’s fee?

The Dude abides…


Psalms 59: 16-17

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