Mid-Valley Football Daily Tracking Poll: 6/12/2012

2011 look back: Monrovia's Blake Heyworth (12) and Marquise Bias (2)

Makes sense for M-Town to run away. The El Monte faithful are getting it, San Dimas holding tough…The Clete and The Canyon need to get more involved. Disappointed by the SG turnout.

Leave a comment, send a tweet, message us on FB, or drop a line through email. The more we learn about your team, the more they move up. To keep balance, because it is largely unscientific, we weighted the teams at the start. (point totals listed after each team)

1.) (6/11:#1) Monrovia Wildcats (103): Based on last year we have Isaac Miravet at left guard, Will Thorn at center, and Josh Cano at right guard…Who are the tackles going to be?

2.) (6/11:#2) Sierra Canyon Trailblazers (66): Remy Linares…Right tackle? How good is he?

3.) (6/11:#3) San Dimas Saints (61): Jake Payton should get help from Andrew Espinoza, Denzel Mitchell, and (possibly) Manny Elizade.

4.) (6/11:#5) El Monte Lions (51): Key to Lions? Jesus Palma, Joseph Lopez, Sam Hernandez, and Brandon Baiza.

5.) (6/11:#7) Arroyo Knights (50): Juan Hernandez, Aaron Landry, Marcos Lopez, James Rivera; best Knights defensive line since 2004? Remember Marco Duenas.

6.) (6/11:#6) San Gabriel Matadors (49): Steven Garcia is another one of those two-way Matador players that always seems to breakout and standout.

7.) (6/11:#4) Paraclete Spirits (47): The Clete dropped 86 on Pasadena Marshall in 2011. Points won’t be a problem this years with: Quarterback Tyler Carvalho, running back Antoyne Hutcherson, and wide outs James Holland & Damon Thompson.

8.) (6/11:#8) South Pasadena Tigers (33): Tigers O-line; David Cho (LG), Quinton Hutchins (RT), Ryan Stone (C), and Linus Zide (LT). Any changes? If not then tell us who is at right guard?

9.) (6/11:#9) South El Monte Eagles (30):  Aaron Saavedra (CB), Alex Acosta (SS) and Pablo Ocegueda (FS) head up a South Soul Patrol in the secondary.

10.) (6/11:#10) Alhambra Moors (27): Home of “Bad Dude” LB’s: Nathan Quinones (ILB), Joseph Nieto (ILB), and Ivan Orozco (OLB). 

11.) (6/11:#11) Bell Gardens Lancers (24): Coronel Gerrardo, Erik Galicia, and Justin Galvan, all sophomores, are the reason things are looking up down the 710.

12.) (6/11:#12) Rosemead Panthers (23): The Right Side of Doom: Right tackle Daniel Camarena, right guard Nelson Leon.

13.) (6/11:#13) Northview Vikings (23): Victor Garcia looking good this spring throwing the rock around…We love cornerback Kris Lopez.

14.) (6/11:#15) San Marino Titans (21): Lionel Escajeda…You may not know him, SM has not promoted him, but this TE/RDE can play football.

15.) (6/11:#17) La Canada Spartans (21): Strong safety Anders Iverson would get a whole more attention if he played somewhere else, but in 2012 the Spartans are expected to be something better. Remember the name.

16.) (6/11:#14) Schurr Spartans (20): Ricky Fonseca (WR) is special.

17.) (6/11:#16) Covina Colts (19): Darren Torres, it will be interesting to see if Darren Torres becomes The Man this fall in C-Town.

18.) (6/11:#19) Baldwin Park Braves (18): Coaches Sims & Palacios give us some help on the Braves O-Line: Jonathan Duarte (C?), Chris Mendoza (LG), Sergio Meza (?), Steve Trinidad (LT?)…Changes/additions…You guys block, you guys can win.

19.) (6/11:#18) Montebello Oilers (15): Wide receiver Gilbert Herrera is the big play guy in the Almont no one knows about.

20.) (6/11:#21) Mt. View Vikings (15): Cornerbacks Christian Cervantes, Xavier Yanez, and Chris Gonzalez could be special in 2012.

21.) (6/11:#23) Temple City Rams (13): Where does Anthony Valencia play? Receiver? QB?

22.) (6/11:#20) Pomona Red Devils (12): Is Terell Mosby still with the Red Devils.

23.) (6/11:22) Mark Keppel Aztecs: (12): Never seen an HC hiring create this much buzz.

24.) (6/11:#24) Brentwood School Eagles (7): Very much undersized, the Eagles are going to have a hard time making the post season this fall.

25.) (6/11:UR) Gabrielino (7): Note to Eagles Faithful: names, numbers, class standing, heights, weights, give us a hand here.

(Others) Wilson (6), Nogales (5), Blair (6), Pasadena Marshall (4), Viewpoint (3), Kilpatrick (4), Windward (2), Calvary Chapel (3)

This will run for the next five working days. Then we will launch a Northwest Division poll.

The official Mid Valley Sports Top 25s will come out August 1st.

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